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TCU Think Green Program

Think Green Campaign

Our Think Green Campaign focuses on four key areas:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste reduction & recycling
  • Interior Environment (acquisition/disposal policies)
  • Staff/Client Awareness

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  •  In 2019, TCU Place diverted more
    than 30,630 kgs of recycled material
    from the landfill – 1/3 of which was
    organic waste since transitioning from
    partial to full organics recycling in
    May 2019.
  • In October 2008 TCU Place hosted the Canadian Green Building Council Conference. We actively participated in a delegate audit, measuring recyclable food, paper, glass, etc. All cleaning products used in the building are green.

Green Stem Program

TCU Place is part of Tourism Saskatoon’s Green Stem Program.

Energy Conservation
  • Installed Power Factor Correction devices to moderate electrical demand.
  • Installed occupancy sensors in washrooms and storage rooms. Office equipment is programmed in sleep mode when not in use.
  • Installing variable frequency drives in the replacement of air handling units.
  • Implementing our “Lights Out” campaign. Cleaning our building during off hours using reduced lighting.
  • Integrating natural daylight to the greatest degree possible in our convention space.
  • Changing cooking practices (cook with lids on pots, turn off ovens when not in use, etc).
  • Continue to plan further energy saving priorities partnering with an Energy Performance Contractor.
Waste Reduction & Recycling
  • 90% of our washrooms have been fitted with water saving fixtures.
  • Single-stream recycling bin for all paper, plastics, glass, and cans. Collection of organic waste for composting.
  • Creating mass recycling stations for tradeshows and large scale events for collecting cardboard, pallet wrap, paper and other recyclable materials. Hosting “Zero Waste” events to reduce the impact in landfills.
  • Using china, glassware and stainless flatware is our standard practice. Using linens to dress our tables.
  • Providing juice, water and coffee condiments in bulk containers. Avoiding pre-filling water glasses.
  • Recycling our kitchen cooking oil. Using “green” cleaning products.
  • Emailing documents and referring clients to our website resources. Printing & copying 2-sided documents.
  • Wireless internet is provided to encourage laptop use.
Interior Environment (acquisition/disposal policies)
  • We purchase competitively priced recycled paper products and support FSC approved suppliers.
  • Food and beverages are sourced locally as much as possible. Chefs have created menus to maximize the use of seasonal & organic produce where available.
  • Serving “Fair Trade” coffee & tea.
  • TCU Place partners with local agencies donating leftover food to charity and encourages clients to do the same.
  • Batteries, light bulbs, outdated electronics and paints are recycled at approved locations.
Staff/Client Awareness
  • Our centralized location in the heart of downtown Saskatoon provides easy access by mass transit, or bicycle.
  • Developing partnerships with environmental organizations and working to improve our practices on a daily basis. Member of “Green Stem” – powered by Tourism Saskatoon.