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About TCU Place

Making a positive impact in our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are passionate about bringing the community together. Located in beautiful downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, TCU Place is considered to be one of the best conference facilities in Western Canada.

With over 104,000 square feet of convention space, this facility is one of the most versatile properties in Saskatoon. The Convention Centre houses 21 different rooms with configurations that allow unlimited combinations. In addition, the conference centre also houses Sid Buckwold Theatre – a 2,074 soft seat theatre that has hosted international and national performers, speakers and theatrical productions. The theatre is well known for its superior acoustics and expansive stage area.

TCU Place is operated by the Centennial Auditorium and Convention Centre Corporation, an independent, not-for-profit organization with oversight from a volunteer Board of Directors. The organization strives to achieve the following strategic goals.


Lead the Way… Connect… Celebrate… Energize… Enrich


Connecting the Community Through Arts, Business, And Culture


  • Passion for Service: We are passionate about serving others and creating exceptional experiences
  • Accountability: We acknowledge and own up to our own responsibilities and seek to exceed expectations
  • Innovation: We look for ways to make things better, more efficient, and more memorable
  • Integrity: We are ethical and transparent in every aspect of our work
  • People-Centred: We care deeply for our community and our team. We work in a culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome

Strategic Initiatives

  • Signature Experiences: Identify, create and publicly share the experiences that are recognized as belonging uniquely and memorably to TCU Place. As a result, we will increase the value offered to clients and guests leading to steadily increasing inquiries, new clients, and return clients.
  • People Excellence: Attract, hire, and hold onto the best people in the industry, while ensuring their development, success, engagement and pride in TCU Place.
  • Enrich the Community: Leverage the TCU Place facility, team, and programming, to elevate community businesses, associations, groups, and the people of Saskatoon. Develop a communication strategy to generate engagement.
  • Sustainability & Scalability: We are responsible stewards of resources and dollars. We make the best decisions for short and long term, with resources such as time, equipment, technology, and finances to ensure sustainability and scalability.
  • Future Ready: Through systems, processes, property and people, we nimbly address emerging business needs so that we are leading the way as industry and customers evolve

TCU Place Booking Priority Policy

The TCU Place Booking Priority Policy, approved by the TCU Place board in 2023 encourages a clear, multi-level purpose for the facility including both profitability and economic impact within the community, while strategically serving local businesses.

TCU Place Programming

  • TCU Place has an obligation to balance fiscal responsibility and social responsibility for the good of the City of Saskatoon.
  • TCU Place will seek a diverse spectrum of programming to meet a variety of needs in the community. These programs may be of a rental or self-promoted nature.
  • TCU Place provides equal opportunities for rental groups to host an event or performance, provided the request does not violate the Saskatchewan Human Rights Code or involve any criminal activity. 
  • TCU Place does not censor or limit the lawful expression of free speech in our venue, unless the content of a show violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in any way including containing hate speech. In such instances where there is or may be a violation of Human Rights and Freedoms, a rental agreement may either be denied or revoked. Allowing diverse groups to utilize the space at TCU Place is not an endorsement by TCU Place of the opinions or views of a speaker, event or organizing group.
  • TCU Place’s main priority is to maintain a safe public space, and as such will work with event organizers to ensure they are complying with all terms laid out in a rental / purchase agreement.

Market Analysis

SaskTel Centre and TCU Place jointly commissioned a study in 2017 to determine the need for new and/or expanded assembly facilities in Saskatoon. The scope of work involved:

  • Analysis of historical business data
  • Stakeholder consultations – internal and external
  • Site tours and assessment of both venues
  • Competitive scan – Saskatoon Region
  • Comparative scan – North American cities similar to Saskatoon

The study was prepared by an integrated consulting team of leading market analysts and facility planners: Convergence Design, HLT Advisory, and Conventional Wisdom.

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