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Meet Our Team

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TCU Place is proud to have a dedicated, hard working team who strive to make every event a success.

Helping clients host successful events is what is most important for all of us at TCU Place. From the Sales Team to the Convention Centre and Theatre staff, providing outstanding service from setup to technical and catering is our top priority. Having the dedicated staff and facility like we do makes it fun to sell the benefits of TCU Place services. Building a strong relationship with our clients helps us to understand and focus on delivery on the clients’ expectations and end desire of each event being held at TCU Place.

Emergency Contact: 306-975-7794

TCU Staff

Senior Management

  • Tammy Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer
  • Kirby Wirchenko, Director of Events & Community Engagement
  • Lisa Mulvaney, Director of Finance
  • Tracy Randall, Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Tammy Watt, Director of Operations
  • Carolynn Chow, Human Resources Consultant


  • Gerard Cullen, Theatre Sales Manager, Phone: 306-975-7785
  • Joan Fior, Business Development Manager, Phone: 306-975-1466
  • Lindsay Edighoffer, Business Development Associate, Phone: 306-975-7529
  • Cari Fleming, Business Development Associate, Phone: 306-500-1550
  • Adam Nazarali, Business Development Associate, Phone: 306-975-2314
  • Stephen Rutherford, Communications Specialist, Phone: 306-975-7781

Premium Experience, Sponsorships & Suites

  • Tammy Pshebylo, Premium Experience Manager, Phone 306-975-7815


  • Crystal Tew, Events Manager, Phone: 306-975-3858
  • Tammy Kinnee, Events Coordinator, Phone: 306-975-7776
  • Jessica Andrews, Events Coordinator, Phone: 306-500-1552
  • Michelle Tucker, Events Coordinator, Phoone: 306-975-7782
  • Devin Ferguson, Technical Services Manager, Phone: 306-975-7789
  • Mark Von Eschen, Stage Carpenter, Phone: 306-975-7795
  • Jeff Prytula, Facilities Technician


  • Matt Colten, Event Services Supervisor
  • Sean Bridgette, Protective Services Supervisor
  • Pat Desroches, Building Operations Supervisor

Box Office, Finance, Administration

  • Suzanne Bettschen, Box Office Supervisor
  • Erin Heffernan, Client Services
  • Jennifer McCrea, Administrative Coordinator
  • Desya Hrytzak, Inventory
  • Dianne Liao, Accounting
  • Leah Snakeskin, Accounting