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BOOST Program

Have you wanted to host your event at TCU Place but didn’t think your budget would work? If so, we want to help you!

Apply for a BOOST

Fill out the application and let us know how we can help bring your event to life

Our community is at the heart of everything we do at TCU Place. TCU Place will provide support to applicable community organizations to offer them the opportunity of hosting their event at the most prestigious venue in Saskatoon. Organizations must meet eligibility criteria, and follow application process pre and post-event. In exchange they get a necessary boost to offset some of the investment in the event.


The outcome is win-win for TCU Place and the community. Deserving groups in the community get the opportunity to host an event at TCU Place where they once thought it was not possible. TCU Place gets the opportunity to welcome different groups into the facility, and help organizations create a fabulous event.

Eligibility Criteria

Community organizations can apply for a BOOST if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Not for Profit or Charitable status
  2. Event will impact community in a positive way, and preferably bring people to the city boosting our economic impact
  3. Event must use TCU Place Food & Beverage and / or AV services, and if tickets are being sold, preference would be to use TCU Place ticketing system
  4. Event must fit into an open space in the calendar, without displacing another event

We’re Here to Help

The options listed here are examples, but they’re not all we can do. If you’re looking for a BOOST in an area not listed here, please let us know.


Discount on standard room rental rates, or extension of time allowed in rental period


Discount on menu and beverage rates, enhancements and extra items at no additional cost (ex. customized dessert logo)


Let our marketing team help you spread the word by using our social media channels or utilize our indoor/outdoor digital monitors to reach potential guests


Audiovisual enhancements and décor, discounts on audio visual equipment


Unique Experience – Let our Events Team help create a unique experience to enhance your event


We can add an extra fee on top of your ticket sales that could be returned to you or sent to your charity of choice