Some people think that convention centres are only a place for large organizations to host conferences, conventions, and meetings. While that is part of what we do, there is so much more that we bring to the community and to our clients. One of the things that we will take with us from the challenge-filled years of the pandemic and through our recovery is that we can get very creative with our space and event ideas. And the best thing about that is that our clients can benefit. 

TCU Place is one of the ONLY venues in Canada where there is a permanent, fixed-seat theatre attached to a convention centre—and what a beautiful theatre it is! And many of our clients have used this space as a unique and effective part of their conference to provide delegates with a memorable and funky experience. Imagine an intimate awards ceremony or VIP dinner taking place fully and completely on the stage—so that your delegates become the stars of the show.

The theatre is also available for you to provide powerful entertainment options or keynote space to your delegates as part of your conference or convention.

Coordinate with our Entertainment Booker to see how to line up a show just for you or leverage a private balcony for a show and reception with a show that is already available to the public. We transformed this space into a high-end reception with incredible décor, food and lighting, and then escorted guests into the theatre for a Boney M Concert. Imagine the delight your guests will experience when it’s not just another conference but an incredible show as well.

We have transformed the Grand Salon—our most popular conference space—into a trendy lounge with a high-end scotch bar; we’ve turned Centennial Hall into a fantastic culinary event. We collaborated with one organization to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for THEIR clients, and we provided “extra” space to another that needed to conduct business in a different and larger location.

In each of these examples, we worked with clients to understand their corporate goals and objectives and then creatively helped them achieve these goals by using the space at TCU Place differently and memorably. 

Have you been thinking that you want to find that one big thing for 2023 that would set you apart from your competition or that would wow your clients, but you are not sure what that would look like? Do you want to provide a space for your employees and their families to participate in an interactive activity or culinary experience? Let us help you co-create an experience that helps you meet your objectives for 2023. We can even partner with off-site organizations to provide a unique element to your event that is outside of our walls. There are no limits, and very few if there are any.

TCU Place enjoys collaborating with you to ensure that this is YOUR place, whatever that may be. We have a team of people who love to think creatively and work with you on unconventional ideas. Call us to find out how.