Conferences can be fun, educational, and exciting – but you have to choose the right venue if you want a great experience. Conferences are a fantastic way to network and keep up to date with industry trends, but there’s more to it. The setting needs to be right, and needs to help bring out the best of your event. A successful event must have an attractive, safe, and secure venue.

Additionally, the venue should be easily accessible, have appropriate arrangements for signage, power, internet, and catering, and provide the right facilities for the event itself. Keep reading to learn about the things to consider when choosing a venue.

1.   Location

When considering a conference venue, the location plays a significant role in how you will conduct your event and how you will attract participants. Most clients want a space that is in a walkable area with local amenities such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores within a very short walk. We know that as much happens outside of the conference as inside…and so the venue location matters.

2.   Costs

The cost of a venue is extremely important and must be considered alongside other factors. You can expect to work with the venue team to define the scope of the event and determine costs. Depending on the venue, the cost structure will be different, so always find out what is included in the costs presented. It’s OK to ask questions. You should ask for and review a detailed cost estimate covering things like Audio Visual, Food and Beverage, Rent, Labour etc.

Also, look for estimates from surrounding hotels close to the venue. Consider things like transportation to the city as well as within the city. There is a cost to bringing people together, but the value is great when it is done well.

3.   Room Availability

When choosing a venue, ensure that it has the correct number and configuration of rooms for your event. Look for opportunities to use one space in multiple ways rather than paying for two rooms if possible. If your event is larger and requires multiple rooms, you’ll want to ensure that each room has all the necessary amenities such as high-speed internet access and AV equipment.

4.   Parking

Parking is another consideration – the number of spots, the cost, proximity to the venue, and safety are all things to consider. Most people don’t want their first impression of an event space to be how far away it is from their car, so close parking is always helpful.

5.   Safety Standards

Before booking a venue for the event, the first priority is your attendees’ safety. Safety standards are the most critical venue selection criterion (noted by 56% of planners). Ensure that the venue has proper emergency exits and first aid kits readily available in case of any emergencies, AED’s, a safety plan, and helpful cleaning and sanitization standards to keep your guests safe. Before booking the venue, make sure you visit to check if all your safety standards are correctly met

Choosing a conference venue is not a small task, and thankfully your venue teams can assist with planning both small and large details. A suitable venue can help make your event successful, so it’s worth spending a little extra time scouting out the right one for you. If you need help finding the right place for your event, TCU Place can help you! We can provide you with your dream venue for any type of event. Get in touch with us today to find out more.