First of all, we must acknowledge that we’re so fortunate to have our facility on Treaty 6 territory, the homeland of the Cree and Métis Nations, and the traditional territories of the Dene, Saulteaux, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota.

As a whole, we are committed to reaffirming and forging new bonds with each member of our community based on reconciliation, acknowledgment, and respect.

TCU Place will be a leader in enhancing the level of engagement with Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous-owned businesses, and Indigenous communities with an integrated and holistic multi-year business strategy beginning this year, to further the efforts for Truth and Reconciliation, as well as to strengthen our institution through diversity and inclusive practices.

That means ensuring there’s time and place for Truth and Reconciliation at all the gatherings we host and those hosted here.

Let’s look at our ambitions and how we intend to improve and grow in the spirit of inclusion, representation, and love.

Starting With Our Roots

The TCU Place Call to Action includes recommendations for employment, training, procurement, collaboration, placemaking, and event planning, all of which are integral to the role we must play in reconciliation.

For us, there are two parts to truth and reconciliation. Understanding and facing Canada’s history with Indigenous peoples to mend the damage is part of the truth half.

The second half of the process entails reconciliation—healing those relationships, beginning with how we conduct business, who we engage with, serve and employ, and how we hold events.

We Are All Partners

We welcome the opportunity to learn, grow, confront, create, connect, and inspire as we modify critical parts of our business and event strategies in this era of partnerships.

While we have only been here for 54 years, our Indigenous and Metis predecessors have lived, worked, and gathered on these lands for thousands of years. We are glad for the opportunity to assist people in continuing to congregate and celebrate.

Let’s All Acknowledge Our Part

It is encouraging to see that more organizations are taking the time to address the longstanding inequality occurring in our country for centuries. One of the ways that many groups are doing so is by including land acknowledgments when introducing their events and written documentation, such as websites and social media pages.

If you’d like to incorporate a significant Indigenous element into your events at TCU Place, work with us to honour and reconcile relationships.

We’d love to assist you in making TCU Place your go-to spot for connecting with people from all walks of life. We’ve been waiting for you, so let’s get to work! Contact us today to get started.