You’ve planned the event, invited attendees, and come up with your theme and decor—every last detail is in place. It’s the day of, and what else is there to do?

What’s the next logical step? Promotion of the event by way of social media!

So how do you come up with a winning strategy that will make the event memorable not only for those attending in person but the public who will get to know about your organization, what you love and stand for?

Let’s explore some ideas for social media magic at your event. After all, TCU Place is your place to create a connection.

Lay The Groundwork on Social Media Before the Event

The first step in successfully using social media during your event is effectively promoting it beforehand. Investigate hashtags, learn about trends, and interact with key players who will be following and attending your event. On Twitter, use the hashtag to promote how you will be participating in the show. Consider developing a hashtag that is unique to your company or campaign.

Another good idea is to send attendees personal Linkedin messages and invite them to connect in person at the event. These tactics will ensure solid networking opportunities will occur at the main happening!

Create A Memorable Experience During the Event

What are some of your best memories? We bet they’re tied in with an experience or event you had in the past—the same works for your event social media strategy. Create a buzz by adding fun and interactive elements to your in-person soiree, like a backdrop, active video, or photo wall.

Encourage attendees to take photos, use your hashtag (make it visible in several spots across the space), and use props, photo booths, and onsite experiences to keep attendees focused, engaged, and sharing.

Lighting also matters—colours, decor, and uplighting can make it easy for people to capture the action on their own to share with colleagues or loved ones that might have their interest piqued to attend a future event.

Hosting live on Facebook or Instagram is always a great way to share your event, chat with attendees, and feature performances, speeches, and the like.

Our Staff Will Help Make Your Event Sparkle and Shine

We have expert personnel who may help plan events, prepare meals, decorate spaces, utilize modern-day sound and video generation, and more. We’ve hosted a wide range of occasions in our many years, from large conferences, artist showcases, and more.

Let’s work together to make TCU Place your place to connect, your place to create, and your place to celebrate. Get in touch with our team anytime.