When planning an event, there is so much to think about—the number of guests, the corresponding venue, the entertainment, the food, the lighting, and more. One thing you certainly can’t afford to overlook these days is making sure your event is Instagram-worthy!

Why Should I Care About Being Instagram-Worthy?

Instagram is also the second most popular social media platform, next to Facebook. However, Facebook users tend to focus more on sharing articles or updates about their personal lives in a more long-form content kind of way, whereas Instagram is made for photos and short, snappy captions. Instagram users will be the ones looking for the most aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities!

I’m not sold. What do the numbers say?

  • Instagram has the highest engagement rate of all social media platforms.
  • 80 per cent of user accounts follow a brand or business on Instagram.
  • 60 per cent of users seek out and discover new products on Instagram.
  • Every day, more than 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories.

The Mind of an Influencer

Your Instagram-using guests are putting a lot of thought into how they are dressing, and you can bet they’re looking for the perfect photo once they’re at the event. Some might even already be thinking of a crafty caption to use. Try to think about how people will perceive your space and answer any questions they might have in advance.

Top Tips to Become Instagram-Worthy

A focal point or a “wow moment” to take the perfect photo. If you want to make it onto someone’s Insta story or even have them make a coveted post, you need to give them a reason!

Consider the lighting. For example, if you have a floral wall as your backdrop, make sure it’s well-lit to reduce the chances that the discerning photographer doesn’t delete it because it’s too dark.

Aside from an eye-catching backdrop, consider providing freebies and favours that could even be used as props. Bonus points if you customize them for your VIP guests, so they feel special, which will likely encourage them to share them on their feeds.

Provide a hashtag. If you want your event to be more “discoverable” don’t make your guests guess what to use as a hashtag, tell them! At the bar, or on a place card, let them know what hashtag you’d like them to use! There is a 12.6% higher engagement rate on Instagram when there is at least one hashtag than when there is none.

Lastly, consider taking your own photos. Hire a photographer, have them circulate, and take photos of your event. Let your guests know, using signage, where they can find the photos. If they see a great, professional shot of themselves, they’re likely to share!

We hope you have enjoyed these tips on making your next event, big or small, a hit on Instagram. Remember, the key here is to anticipate what an Instagram user might be looking for and put yourself in their shoes. Creating an Instagram-worthy space requires an amazing venue, so when you’re planning your next event, check out TCU Place! We are centrally located and our staff work hard to make your next occasion perfect. Give us a call at 306-975-7777 or click here for a virtual tour.