Since 2020, we’ve all had to adjust how we do things—from working, interacting, and attending essential functions like conferences, trade shows, and community fundraisers.

Amid the problem-solving phase of the pandemic, a concept that had only been used sparingly before came to the forefront—virtual and online events.

Now that more mandates have been lifted across the province and country, in-person events are returning. However, with COVID-19 numbers staying steady, people still like the option of going online.

So what does that equal? Hybrid events!

At TCU Place, we have hosted gatherings of all sizes, ranges, and types. We are passionate about assisting people in reaching their goals. We are grateful to work with various organizations and businesses in the community.

Let’s go through how to organize hybrids events of all different shapes and sizes.

Create a Hybrid Event Strategy

Whether you’ve hosted a hybrid event before, or this is your first, proper planning is essential. Some key questions to start with are:

  • Who will conduct the event?
  • Who is the event for?
  • What will they learn?
  • When will it happen?

This will help you narrow down the details as you design your hybrid event. Include elements like tech details, timings of the sessions, and session topics.

Proper Technology Needed To Host Hybrid Events

Having reliable technology is the next step. Ensuring both in-person and online attendees can see presentations and access information is crucial.

TCU Place uses state-of-the-art technology for its audio-visual equipment. We provide professional audio-visual services at competitive rates, from screens to projections, photos, etc.

We have theatre-trained technical staff who can adapt our displays to meet clients’ needs. You can rely on us to manage all technical aspects of your hybrid events for all attendees at the facility and online.

What Spaces Do You Need?

Think about how the function will unfold: if you have breakout sessions, for instance, you may need to find space with smaller rooms in addition to a stage. All areas will have connectivity for online attendees, which is crucial for a hybrid event’s success.

TCU Place is ideal for all meetings, soirees, with over 104,000 square feet of flexible space, talented coordinators, 21 meeting rooms, and a world-class theatre. Our professional staff can handle every type of event efficiently and with care. It’s YOUR place, after all.

In planning digital content, the bottom line is to ensure that your online and offline audiences receive the same amount of knowledge/information, and experience it at the same professional level, regardless of format.

TCU Place is ready to assist you with making every facet of your hybrid event a reality. Why? Because TCU Place is your place: to create, connect, and celebrate. Let’s connect! We’ll make it memorable for everyone involved.