In 2021, we learned lessons, made exceptions, solved problems, planned and hosted fun events, scheduled, rejigged, adapted, upgraded, and managed to keep both staff and the public safe from COVID while at our facility. Phew!

From all of that discomfort and uncertainty emerged an incredible trait. Thankfully, these ups and downs taught us about perseverance, tenacity and have helped us emerge even stronger than before. That will help TCU Place and our clients and guests as we turn the corner to 2022.

And what is that characteristic, you ask?

We learned, practiced, and grew GRIT. Let’s chat about what that means for everyone involved with our facility.

Why TCU Place Chose The Word ‘Grit’ To Symbolize 2022

So what is ‘grit’? Psychologist Angela Duckworth brought the concept forward to the public. It’s having passion and perseverance for long-term goals, stamina, sticking with your future and working extremely hard to make it come true. In other words, ‘grit’ is embracing the marathon and not expecting the sprint.

Can we learn grit? Yes, it can, by going through experiences, learning from them, and applying resilience and discipline to the practice. Recent research suggests that grit is as responsible for success as talent and intelligence.

Since we learned and practiced grit frequently since March 2020 at TCU Place, we’ve decided that it would be our word for 2022. We’ll be taking steps within our team to celebrate, embrace, champion and share grit at every opportunity.

We have our eyes firmly on the future, developing our events, facility, team, and strategy to move us forward in this wild place we call Earth. We don’t have a crystal ball or all of the answers, but we have an insatiable appetite for curiosity and improvement. We will ask how we can do things better, what else we could offer our guests, clients, and community.

What Does ‘Grit’ Mean For TCU Place?

We’d love to look back on this unprecedented time and have positive reflections about it in the long term. We want to know that we grew in the face of adversity and uncertainty, learning to land on our feet and serve our community the best we possibly could—because we had grit.

Want to join along with TCU Place’s grit journey in 2022? If you are looking for an out-of-the-box or memorable event, want to create something that will help our community move forward, and are searching for a unique way to commemorate, let us help you plan it here at our facility. We’ve got the space, people, technology, and—of course!—grit to do it all. Please celebrate with us, and help us embrace it.

We’ll share with you our grit story as we move through the year, and welcome your stories of grit, too. Let’s get your event started—contact us.