Women from all backgrounds help shape the world we live in every day. As leaders, parents, workers, and so much.

Every March 8, the entire world acknowledges women with an event called International Women’s Day, a global Call to All Women to use their intellectual, nurturing, and creative skills to move the world from where it is now to where we believe it can be in 2030. We will use International Women’s Day as an annual catalyst.

Here at TCU Place, we’re unbelievably proud to have many strong women among our ranks. Collectively, the women leaders at TCUP have over 150 years of experience. They are professional, hardworking, trailblazing, and continually work to improve the lives of people around them, inside and outside of the facility.

Let’s explore the brilliant contributions of the women of TCU Place.

Who Runs The World?

The women at TCU Place have a vast community and organizational knowledge. This shows in their professionalism and dedication to the facility and the community at large. Everyone from our event staff to our senior leadership has contributed to our success over the last 54 years.

CEO – Tammy Sweeney – While new to Saskatoon, community development and women’s leadership have always been her passions. She has led a national Women’s Conference, and now leads the team at TCU Place to fully serve and develop the community around them.

Director of Events, Rhonda, has helped over 400 couples celebrate the start of their new lives at TCUP Weddings and has worked with some long-standing events – running one event with another strong female client leader for over 30 years!

Tammy Watt, Director of Events, ensures that the 54-year-old building systems function.

Tracy Randall, Director of Sales and Marketing, has helped bring in an average of $10M a year in revenue across different lines of business.

Joan Fior, Sales Manager – Industry expert bringing national conventions to help energize Saskatoon, and specializes in local non- profit organizations.

Melissa Meier – The Director of Finance takes the complex world of profit and loss during a pandemic and simplifies it so that we can make good decisions about how to climb out of this.

Suzanne in our Box Office has built over 1000 shows over the years and sold millions of tickets to our theater.

We have so much to celebrate here!

Wonderfully Welcoming Women

We appreciate the relationships we have built with strong women-led businesses over the years. We know we are making a difference in Saskatoon and Canada by bringing iconic events to life and enriching our community.

In March, we celebrate the strength that women bring to our lives, but it should be celebrated every day.

We’re incredibly proud of our team, our heart, our contribution to Saskatoon, and the difference we have made in so many lives by bringing people together for live events.

No matter what you want to commemorate or host at our facility, everyone can help you here! Reach and get in touch anytime!