Gigantic, exclusive, or somewhere in between—planning an event of any magnitude takes careful forethought, detailed planning, execution, and follow-up.

Even something as simple as a birthday party requires planning, like ordering food, inviting guests, etc. It’s no different than setting up a corporate event, private party, or an unforgettable wedding.

Here at TCU Place, we’ve proudly been hosting and helping plan events for over 50 years! We’ve seen everything and have gained some excellent institutional knowledge.

Here are some essential tips for planning the event of your dreams and how TCU Place’s team can help you since we’re your place to connect and celebrate.

Start With Three Main Planning Strategies

As we mentioned earlier, no matter the size of your event, planning, execution, and post-event administration are crucial to its success. Each stage has several steps, with the first being the overall purpose of the occasion.

No matter what it is, you’ll need to ask these basic pre-planning questions for all activities:

  • When is the event?
  • Where will the event take place?
  • How many people will attend?
  • What budget is available for the event?

Depending on the scope of the event, you should start planning at least six months to a year beforehand. Smaller events like weddings, workshops, or annual meetings take less time but still need to be organized efficiently. And remember that many of our most popular times like spring and fall are booked 2-3 years out for larger conferences, so if you have a fixed date, it is best to reach out with as much notice as possible.

The venue question is one of the most important because it can help you determine exactly what equipment, space, and services you need. Do you require audiovisual equipment? What about food preparation and serving?

Will you require vendors, sponsorships, registrations, and ticketing? Will you need to market and promote the event to the greater community, or is it private?

The next stage is the event-day logistics. When you are working with the professional team at TCU Place, they take care of many of these details. If you are in your own space, these questions are critical. Do you have all the supplies you need? Does your A/V work? Are your decorations helping to build your theme? Does everyone involved in running the event know their roles? We suggest a run through with all key players a few days before the event.

And, of course, it’s crucial to take stock of how things went after the event! How do your attendees feel? Have you paid all the vendors?

Every Event Is Unique—TCU Place Can Make Them All Shine!

We can help you as much or as little as you need when you work with us.

TCU Place provides a creative and inspiring environment in our outstanding convention centre. Our seasoned professionals will advise and support you during your event.

You can give your event a smooth rollout by letting TCU Place handle everything. Professional audio-visual experts can build dynamic displays, creative professionals render event planning services, and hassle-free ticket sales conducted by service-oriented individuals make hosting an event at TCU Place seem easy. And we provide the unique touches that are special for only your event.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with TCU Place – YOUR Place —  anytime.