TCU Place is eager and ready to host some incredible live events here in Saskatoon now that we’re gradually getting back into the swing of enjoying shows once again.

If you’re like many of our customers, you probably have questions about our space. Here are some FAQs to help you save some time at the box office.

Are These Seats Next to One Another?

Probably one of the most common questions we get is about seat numbers. Our theatre is numbered differently than others—with odd-numbered seats on the left, and even numbers on the right.

If your tickets are non-sequential, like seats one and three, don’t worry, you are still sitting next to your guest with no missing seat number between you.

Can I Send Someone Else to Pick Up My Tickets?

Tickets must be picked up in person from TCU Place. Remember that you need your photo identification, account name, and credit card name to match to successfully receive your tickets. We do this to make sure your tickets are secure and only for you.

Do You Require Vaccination or COVID Testing?

All our theatre guests must present either proof of vaccination with matching ID, or proof of a negative COVID test before attending any shows. A printed copy or screenshot of your health record from Sask Ehealth or a screenshot or text message from the SHA confirming your negative results will do. We currently accept both rapid antigen testing and PCR testing.

Do I Need Printed Tickets?

To help minimize the amount of handling and touching before the show, we encourage patrons to use their phones for entrance. All you’ll need is to have the barcode for your ticket pulled up, and our staff members will scan it. However, if you prefer hard copies, feel free to print your tickets.

Do the Balconies Have Accessible Seating?

While our balcony seats don’t have official accessible seating, our staff can assist you with getting to and from these seats.

Do I Need to Keep My Mask On?

We request that all patrons continue wearing their masks while in the building. However, you may remove your mask when eating or drinking. We ask that you please limit your contact and remain seated when your mask is off. We will share updates as health orders change.

What Seats Are Closest to the Bathrooms, Bar, and Exits?

If you prefer a seat that’s close to one of our amenities—the bar or the bathroom—it’s best to select a ticket for one of the rows below.

The exit doors are located at rows H, N, and S on the main floor level. For the first balcony, the exit doors are by row B.

The bar is fairly accessible anywhere outside the main theatre. For larger shows, we do add an additional bar on the first balcony at the Grand Circle.

The bathrooms on the main floor are accessible on both sides. For the second balcony and Grand Circle, the men’s room is on the right, and the lady’s room is on the left. On the top balcony, the men’s room is on the left, and the lady’s room is on the right.

If you have any additional questions about our seating or anything else related to the theatre, please be sure to contact our friendly staff at TCU Place for assistance.