The most wonderful time of the year has looked a little different these last several months. But, thanks to the smart planning and in-depth knowledge of our team at TCU Place, we can assist you in making your holiday event safe as well as inviting and memorable. 

Whether you want to have an elegant affair, an event that’s casual and fun, or one that mixes the two uniquely, our team can help you make it the holiday event of your dreams.

Here are some ideas for making everyone’s spirits bright.

Host With the Most Care

As much as we’d all like it to be different, we’re very much still in the midst of unprecedented times. This means people are likely at varying stages of comfort with connecting. How do you accommodate this? You could host an event with zones—we can set up tables that are more distant in one corner, while a space for dancing and socializing a bit more could be set up elsewhere. Another way to keep people happy but safe? Host a smaller gathering in one of our larger rooms! All of the safety protocols we put into larger events to keep guests safe can be added to your event, to make you and your guests feel taken care of and welcome.

Think Outside the Box With A Theme

There’s something special about the traditional holiday party, which includes gold, silver, red and white shimmering brightly. However, you can always mix things up! Host a flapjack and flannel night, host a holiday movie night, and theme the decor and food around it, including gifts and more! We’ve got the space and technology to accommodate a variety of ideas.

Another way to make things even more special? Make it local! Whether you want to ask community groups to entertain or perform or get a local restaurant, bakery, or craft maker to customize some giveaway and prize draw items.

We can create any theme or event at TCU Place – and the food, décor, music, and atmosphere, and more all reflect the experience you want for your guests. Also, if you want to celebrate, but skip the hustle and bustle of a busy time of year, we do host holiday parties in January or later. And hosting during the off-season might even help you with your budget…

Give A Gift of Giving Back

We are very fortunate to host several charity events here at TCU throughout the year. Countless worthy causes could use support, especially at a colder time of year. As a part of your event, we help you set up raffle draws, donation bins, and more. Or, as part of your theme, you could encourage people to give back to a cause that impacts people across the city, raise money, donate food or gifts to a local charity. There’s magic in giving. 

Whatever your party mood may be, the team at TCU Place can help you to create an event that is as unique and special as you and your guests. Reach out to us anytime with your holiday party requests.