The last few years have been difficult for businesses, but we’re now in the midst of a slow but steady revival. And when it comes to planning in-person events, working together collaboratively is not only a good idea; it is necessary. Collaboration may help gain the trust of those attending and elevate local businesses while also elevating the attendee experience.

TCU Place has hosted events of all sizes, ranges, and types as a hub of community activity, and we enjoy helping people reach their vision. We are lucky to work and partner with many organizations and businesses in the community. So what does that look like?

Let’s explore why we love collaboration so much here at TCU Place.

Many Hands Make Light the Load

No one person can be an expert in every aspect of event cooperation, from the design and decorations to the quality of the catering to the room layout and technology. Even minor details such as ticketing and seating require attention. However, true teamwork transforms a space into an incredible destination when done correctly. It truly becomes your event, your location, where memories are made, and everything runs smoothly from beginning to end.

TCU Place is ideal for large and small events, with more than 104,000 square feet of flexible space, talented event coordinators, 21 different meeting rooms, and a world-class theatre. Whether you’re organizing a corporate meeting or preparing your fantasy weddings, our professional staff can ensure the entire event flows efficiently from beginning to end. After all, this is YOUR place.

Create A Welcoming and Engaging Event

Collaborations should fit and be beneficial to all parties involved – they must be mutually beneficial. When we support local businesses, we all benefit. But how do you do this?

Some ideas include gift bags featuring local products, sponsorships, booths at your event featuring local businesses, on-site signage, ambassadors or influencers telling your tale, on-site services such as a photo booth or red carpet with a local photographer, or flower arrangements by your favourite florist.

The more local organizations you work with, the more opportunities you can create for future partnerships and even the potential for hosting events and other gatherings.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Combining the experience and skills of several team members, you can ensure that each event is not unique but also distinguishes your organization.

Working with others allows you to think about what might come from your event instead of your tastes and preferences. Working as a team enables you to develop a brand with themes that represent your diversity and cooperation, which translates into future events and helps to build a strong event identity.

When you’re ready to make your event a reality, contact our passionate team at TCU Place. Let’s make it one for the record books! This is your place: to connect, celebrate and create the event of your dreams.