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water parks for kids in NJ

water parks for kids in NJ

Water Parks for Kids in New Jersey

How long have you been cooped up in the house with the kids? A day or two? A week? Are their little friends hanging around, too? If you and the neighborhood moms wish their were a place where families can cool off and have a blast, you are in luck. Welcome to Casino Pier, one of the most entertaining and refreshing water parks for kids in New Jersey.

Casino Pier and its amusement park and arcade have gone through mighty changes over the years. Since being established by Linus Gilbert in 1932, the park has suffered fires and flooding yet somehow managed to come back stronger. Many of the rides that were lost to Superstorm Sandy have been replaced. The amazing merry-go-round that was moved to Seaside Heights in 1928 suffered tremendous damage in Superstorm Sandy, but has since been lovingly restored to its former glory. After several years out of commission, the lions and horses and chariots await at one of the best water parks for kids in New Jersey.

Is it worth the drive from New York to visit water parks for kids in New Jersey? You bet it is. Nothing spells relief to frazzled moms like hanging around the beach while the kids entertain themselves at the arcade. Load their pockets with game tickets and let them have whale of a time as you watch for whales.

Studies show that families who spend time together at water parks for kids in New Jersey tend to enjoy each other's company around the dinner table, too. Daily chores and homework can be a grind on any family unit. Pack a picnic basket and spend a weekend at the shore. It will do everyone good and may even make Monday more tolerable.

Water, water everywhere

Did you know that there are more than 1,200 water parks in the United States? It's true. Summer is an ideal time to explore wet rides and have fun in the sun. After all, the estimated 85 million people who visit waster parks annually can't all be wrong. Interestingly, water parks as we know and love them today are a relatively recent innovation. One-off water slides appeared in the 1940s, but the first dedicated water parks for kids in New Jersey or anywhere didn't debut until the 1960s, explains Entertainment Designer magazine.

Casino Pier ranks highly with Mommy Poppins magazine because it offers the option of gentler amusements for little kids who aren't ready for the Hydrus. Breakwater Beach Park provides a nice selection of family-friendly features, too. Miniature golf is fun for kids of all ages, and so is the new 131-foot high Ferris wheel. TripSavvy rated Casino Pier in second place out of 14 amusement parks in the Garden State. The refurbished seaside park is beloved for its fun-house, go-karts, Sky Ride and coaster. Here you find more public parking than at some other water parks for kids in New Jersey.


water parks for kids in NJ
Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach
water parks for kids in NJ
800 Ocean Terrace
Seaside Heights NJ 08751

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water parks for kids in NJ water parks for kids in NJ
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