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Saskatoon Meeting Space

Saskatoon Meeting Space

What type of meetings can I hold in your space?

You can host virtually any type of meeting, including seminars, board meetings, workshops, reviews, brainstorming sessions, group discussions, product launches, and company project meetings. We also offer party venues in Saskatoon, SK.

What is the configuration of your meeting rooms?

Our venues and event spaces can be configured in multiple ways, including layout, informal seating, boardroom, and U-shape. Let us know about your preferred room configuration, and we will set it up for you.

Do you provide catering?

TCU Place can arrange for refreshments, snacks, sandwiches, or coffee. We have multiple packages for our wedding venues in Saskatoon, SK, including food and drinks. Our event planning company can deliver delicious dishes, including fresh, locally sourced foods. In addition, we can arrange for unique dishes for people with dietary restrictions, including vegan and gluten-free foods.

Are your meeting spaces air-conditioned?

Yes, all our meeting spaces have central heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, they are bright with natural daylight.

Do your meeting rooms have special accessibility?

Differently-abled individuals can access our meeting spaces. They are wheelchair accessible and have other unique accessibility features. The TCU Place is an excellent location for hosting people with wheelchairs or scooters.

What is the cost of your meeting room?

The cost of our meeting space varies depending on your needs. However, we offer some of the best rates on the market regardless of the meeting space you want. You can pay for as long as needed, half-day, or by the day. We also have coffee lounges for informal meetings. Call us today for a free quote.

How many rooms can I book?

You can book one room or multiple rooms for multiple days. Let us know the type and number of rooms you want, and we will set up a package to suit your specific requirements.

When can we view your facilities?

You can come and view our facilities any day; we are open throughout the week, including holidays. Our representatives are always on-site to give you a tour of our venues and answer all the questions you may have.

What type of business hires your meeting spaces?

We have hosted the staff of businesses in diverse industries. Any business may require a meeting space regularly or occasionally. You may need a meeting room for training, brainstorming, sales, or board meetings. Our meeting rooms can also host charities and private and public bodies requiring conferencing facilities.

What services do you offer free of charge?

Typically, you can expect to access a wide range of services when you hire our meeting rooms, including free Internet, whiteboards, projection equipment, and water. However, it is essential to let us know the additional services you will need before booking a meeting because meeting rooms work differently, and some may require extra services.

When should I book a meeting space?

Consider booking your meeting room in advance so that we can set up all your requirements. Be sure to book within reasonable notice so that you can get the fitting meeting room.

The TCU Place is the go-to company for event planning in Saskatoon, SK, and corporate meeting spaces in Saskatoon. Please call us today at 306-975-7799 to book a venue for your meeting.

Saskatoon Meeting Space
TCU Place
+1 306.975.7799
Saskatoon Meeting Space
35 22 St E
Saskatoon SK S7K 0C8 US

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Saskatoon Meeting Space Saskatoon Meeting Space
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