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Why You Should Try At Least One NYC Dating App

There are several reasons you should try out at least one NYC dating app. People erroneously think every NYC dating app works like dating sites. Well, there is no NYC dating app that does not offer all what dating sites offer but dating apps offer much more. Those that have been using dating apps already have an idea.

However, if you are one of those that have never tried out any app, here are the reasons you should consider dating apps over dating sites.

It prevents you from receiving unnecessary messages

With many dating sites, just anyone can send a message to you and this can be very annoying. It also feels “spamy”. It feels like you are getting messages you did not subscribe to. With dating apps, it is only when you have liked someone and (s)he has liked you back before you can receive messages from him or her.

This does not only lower the number of messages you receive, it also helps you control those that can send messages to you. If you don’t want to receive a message from a particular person, you should not like the person.

Dating apps are like a niche

You can choose an app based on the kind of lady or guy you prefer. For instance, there is a dating app for bearded guys. You can go for Bristlr if you are into bearded guys. There are other apps where you can find a particular kind of guys and “babes”

It is perfect for people with tight schedule

For people with a very tight schedule that may not have much time for social activities, dating app is a great platform where they can meet people like them. They can always cut the chase on a dating app and state exactly why they joined. Of course, they will quickly meet people with the same kind of interest and they will hook up easily.

Great for introverts

Some people are too shy to have a face-to-face chat with people in social events but they are fantastic on any chatting platform. Dating app is a great choice for them. This is because before meeting their date, they would have chatted with him or her so much that they will no longer feel like strangers to each other. That way, they will be able to have a face-to-face chat with the person with being shy and they might hit it off from there.

Faster meet-up

A lot of dating apps tell you the exact location of every member. So, you never can tell, your partner could just be a street away. Once you realize how near you are to each other the idea to meet each other will just come up on its own.

When you find out that someone’s location is very near to yours, you will be more eager and anxious to meet the person and (s)he will also feel the same way.


Members usually link their dating app account to their other social media accounts so it is harder for people to hide their identity on a NYC dating app. This is why dating scams rarely occur on dating apps. It is more rampant on dating sites.

In conclusion, after trying one or two dating apps you might never go back to any dating site again.


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