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Feed The ChildrenIf you want to know how best to feed the children that are lacking the food that they need in order to grow up strong and healthy, you need to partner with BeaVan Charities. We need strong individuals like yourself to make this work. In a nutshell, we have an idea that we believe will change the lives of children all over the sub-Saharan region of Africa. We plan to start this program initially in Sierra Leone, helping children who are malnourished and don't have the kinds of resources available to them that they need in order to grow strong and healthy. This is a serious problem that effects a significant number of children in this nation as well as other surrounding nations. Though this region is beset by a number of issues and crises, the biggest concern is that of finding adequate food for everyone in the area, especially the children, who need more than just the proper amount of food. They also need specific nutrients that aren't always readily available in cheap, local food supplies. This is why so much emphasis has been placed on developing nutritional supplement to help feed the kids in these nations, and specifically in Sierra Leone. Here at BeaVan Charities, we have created a unique and highly nutritious supplement that can be easily produced and carried into remote or destitute areas. The supplement is available in several forms. The first form is meant to be consumed by infants who are suffering from malnutrition and who don't have access to the foods that they need in order to survive. This is one of the most urgent needs that has become apparent in Sierra Leone. These infants and babies wont' survive long without the supplements that we have created and that we are producing. They literally may not make it through the month or even through the end of the week if we can't these supplements to them. The second form of the supplement is designed to be consumed by children. This is an equally pressing need. There are so many kids who are not getting enough of the food that they need in order to grow up well. These kids are currently lying on narrow beds in malnourishment wards and are unable to get up and play or experience life because they are sick due to a lack of the proper nutrients. Our supplements can change all this. The best way to get this supplement to the children who need it is to partner with us, as we already have all the right connections and contacts on the ground in this area. If you want to feed the children, join with us and we can change the world. Feed The Children
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Feed The Children Feed The Children