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If you are looking for the most populated Christian forums, let us introduce you our Christian fellowship community at Christforums. There, we provide an online space where you are free to inquire about the Protestant faith and be able to form connections with fellow Christian members.

What is the best Christian online forum?

We are firm believers that our platform has the most respective Protestant community out there, on internet forums. Our strict policy is in place to ensure order throughout our community’s discussions and that no false information gets spread out.

Our forum has all type of content, from healthy discussions among our members to image galleries and inspirational religious quotes. We want you to be able to spiritually connect with yourself and with God every time that you visit us.

We believe in the scripture

When analyzing our modern age society, we can spot a progressive rejection of authority. However, our staff shares the same beliefs, in which the Word of God must be an authoritative rule when dictating our faith and personal conduct. The Bible is a powerful and reliable source, where we can study and understand who God is and how we can please him.

When you establish a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, you will experience an increase of joy in your life. We want to share this feeling with you, and we want you to share it with others as well. That is the reason behind the creation of our Christian forums so that we can provide Protestant Christians with an online space, where they can build a loving community and deepen their connection with God.

Why is Jesus Christ our only mean of salvation?

As you know, upon God’s creation of the heavens and earth, Adam’s betrayal was responsible for the corruption of all mankind. However, God made the graceful decision of allowing sinners to be able to receive forgiveness and a chance for eternal life. This redemption is only possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

Both the Old Testament and the New Testament emphasize that faith in Christ is the only way for salvation. The Son of God embodies everything that's pure in the world, and He represents the goal we all strive towards.

Even though Christ’s life was free from sin, it was still God’s desire that Jesus was to bear the sins of his chosen ones, by dying on a cross. However, He rose from the dead into heaven, giving us hope and salvation. He will return, to judge the living and the dead and bring His people into eternal life.

Join our religious forums!

We want to spread the love and the Word of God to everyone, especially to those who need it. The registration is free, fast and straightforward, allowing you to start debating in our Christian forums immediately.

Just read and agree with our terms and conditions, at Christforums, and you can start to share your religious thoughts with the community right away!

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