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Automate Content Creation

Automate Content Creation

Automate Content Creation 5 Tips Using AIMI

Are you tired of spending hours creating content for your brand's social media platforms or website? Automating content creation can be a game-changer. By automating content creation and distribution, brands can significantly reduce their overhead costs while increasing marketing efficiencies. That's where AIMI comes in. AIMI is a revolutionary way to automate content and strategy creation. Brands that switch to AIMI save time and are far more efficient. With AIMI, you can create content at an infinite scale and stay consistent on social media and more.

Benefits of Being About To Automate Content Creation

Automating content creation has numerous benefits for brands:

--Reduce time and cost: Automated content creation allows brands to create large volumes of content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

--Maintain consistency: By automating content creation, brands can ensure that their content is consistent across all platforms.

--Improve engagement: Automated content creation allows you to test different variations and see what resonates best with your audience, improving engagement.

--Actionable insights: AIMI's analytics can provide you with actionable insights into why your content converts and what elements miss the mark.

--ROI: AIMI's automated content creation, strategies and analysis tools deliver marketing efficiencies and cost savings up to 70%.

How to Automate Content Creation

Here are 5 tips for automating content creation using AIMI:

  1. Ingest All of Your Assets

AIMI's content management controls all of your assets used for automated content creation. It's important to ensure that all of your brand standards, images, designs, and copy are in the library, so AIMI can create compliant permutations of content.

  1. Learn Why Your Content Converts

Using AIMI's analytics, you can understand why your content converts and what elements are missing the mark. This will help you to adjust your content creation strategy and get better ROI.

  1. Automate Content and Strategies

Using AIMI's pinpoint controls, brands can create automated campaigns that generate millions of variations in graphics designs, copy, and more. You can combine these campaigns to form complete monthly or quarterly content marketing strategies that can be re-generated repeatedly with fresh content variations.

  1. Distribute for Approvals and Delivery

With AIMI's streamlined approval system, you can collaborate with team members, compliance, and third parties. Once approved, AIMI can deliver your content into the marketplace using our in-house organic social media scheduler or API.

  1. Understand "the Why" Around Your Email Engagement

AIMI can analyze your email engagement to provide you with actionable insights into why your email marketing is or isn't working. By understanding "the why," you can adjust your email marketing strategy for better engagement.


Automating content creation can be a gamechanger for brands looking to reduce time and cost while maintaining consistency and improving engagement. AIMI offers free content automation tools that can provide actionable insights into why your content converts and what elements miss the mark. By following these 5 tips, readers can start using AIMI's AI for automated content creation and see significant improvements in their marketing strategy.

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Automate Content Creation Automate Content Creation
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