Events, gatherings, celebrations—however you label a function where people visit and attend, have shifted over the last two years. With a shift to virtual events, returning to in-person events with COVID restrictions, and assessing a hybrid event future, even experienced event planners have come up against challenges.

TCU Place has had the honour of hosting thousands of events in our facility during our 50+ year tenure. Our staff has had to learn new skills, innovate, and take more responsibility for ensuring the organizations we work with have everything they need to make any event successful.

So, what does the future look like?

First and foremost, staying flexible and adaptable as circumstances shift and change will be crucial.

How do we prepare for that? We’ve got a few tips.

In-Person Events Will Look A Little Different

We’re slowly getting back to attending events in person as a society. Sure, some of us might be wearing masks, and there’s more hand sanitizer available—but people are starting to celebrate and connect in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Luckily for you, we’ve got everything from conference rooms, smaller breakout rooms, and our stunning world-class theatre that you can utilize to your heart’s desire.

Virtual Events Work—But Need To Be Planned Properly

In 2020, virtual events became the norm because organizations had to adapt from being able to gather in person. While they were popular two years ago, people are experiencing virtual event fatigue. Attendance went from 70% to approximately 35-40%. So, how do you make them attractive for people to attend?

Take steps to keep things fresh. Adding a contest, creating a #HashtagPhoto challenge, and making an associating smartphone app are just a few ideas. And when it comes to needing a venue to host, we’ve got some great spaces to choose from.

Hybrid Events Are Becoming Commonplace

People’s comfort level with attending in-person events can vary considerably. Businesses in the province and worldwide struggle with remote work, and event organizers face the same problem with motivating people to follow their events.

We can look to different industries and areas for inspiration to master hybrid and engage both audiences. The sporting events industry has been solving this problem for a long time.

Over the years, we’ve hosted hybrid events successfully. Yes, even before the pandemic!

Stay Connected and Engaged With Careful Planning

Outside of attending events, connecting with people is vital. Stay in touch with email updates, social media posts, helpful articles, and other communication tools.

We pride ourselves on being Saskatoon’s Arts & Convention Centre. Our facilities are ideal for hosting conventions, weddings, corporate and community events, trade shows and galas. Whatever the occasion, our facilities and services will help you create beautiful experiences!

Let’s make TCU Place your place for connecting, creating, and celebrating. Contact us anytime.